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6th Place

TOP 25 Continued

Rube by Dan O’Brien
The Relief by Ross Denyer
A Hitch in the Plan by Robert Wooldridge
Miss’n You by Larry Postel
The Mootants by Derek Kent
The Tattooist by Heather Morris
Black Sunday by Heidi Willis
War 2.0 by James Hsiao
I Command by Brendon Slee
Bayou City by David Harris
Get Carly by Paul Littell
Incurable by Jeff York
A Mile Past Eternity by Naida Joanides
Submerged by David Lewis
The Girls in the Shadows by Tim Davis

TOP 100

Below you will see the TOP 100 listed in alphabetical order by TITLE

101 Ways to Survive the End of the World by Tracee Beebe
A Gentleman of Good Hope by Christina Hulen
A Hitch In The Plan by Robert Wooldridge
A Mile Past Eternity by Naida Joanides
A Woman, a Burro, Six Crooks, and a Coyote by Ann Hilborn
Aletheia by Haley Isleib
Almost a Hitman by Jaydn Stepick
Amazing Chase by Chris Ludwig
Bayou City by David Harris
Best Ball by Jeff Scott
Big Fire by Daniel Judson
Black Sunday by Heidi Willis
Blue River by Spencer Pool
Breaking the Billionaire by Ron Peer
Caged by Tracy Gamble
Darkness Before Dawn by Nick Gambino
Dirty Girls by Chelsea Watkins
Discounted Retail by Steven Shockley
Down By One by Kevin C. Wilson
Everything’s Jake by Scott Burton
FANGED! by Joey Ernand
Ganja Granny by Rick Meyer
Get Carly by Paul Littell
Harold the Peaceful by Sebastian Van Hoek
Herland by Derek J. Pastuszek
Hero Bro by Alex Brodsky
High Stakes by Raymond Gill
Hit Somebody by Michael Barbagallo
Hogjackers by Marcus Herzberg
Holy Mackerel by Glenda Ganis
How to Tie a Tie by Maeve Kannar
I Command by Brendon Slee
Inadmissable Guilt by Jay Quantrill
Incurable by Jeff York
Into The Darkness by Will Saunders
Intro to Creation by Adam Goldstein
Jennifer by Ben Tannous
Johnny Was A Gangster by Jesus F. Jauregui and Scott A. Lopez
Journey To The Lost Island Of Killer Dinosaurs! by Nicholas Horwood
Justamis by Tere Albanese
Killer Blow by Al Kalman
Last Summer by Joey Ernand
LemonMade by Erik Adolphson
Little Groom Rising by Katherine Bennett-Greer
Love Supreme by Kimba Henderson
Love’s Remains by Matthew OConnell
Lucky 13 by Denise Meyers
Mark of the Apprentice by Nancy Zafris
Michigan Bones by Robin Jensen
Misprints by Adam Preston
Miss ‘n You by Larry Postel
Monster Suit Blues by Jeff Haber
Mouth by Kimi Lee
My Daddy The Monster Hunter by James Butler
My Million Dollar Mom by Ross Schriftman
No Direction Home by John Damien
Project: Wichita by Pete Allen
Quarterback by Dustin Stevens
RedLightGO by Stephanie Hutchings
Relative Risk by Raymond Gill
Rube by Dan O’Brien
Running Blind by John Frederick
Shadow of the Mountain by Lauren Byrnes
Shanghaied by Mark Nykanen and Renie Kelly
Soil Soldiers by Mark McCann
Something in the Past by Ronda Rountree
Standing Room by Guy Bolling
Stephen the Black by Michael Choi and Karl Bauer
Submerged by David Lewis
Synchronicity by Neal Wiser
Talk Show Host by Jake Blandford
Talking Points by Jaydn Stepick
The Adventures of the Velvet Cat by Bob Canning
The Boat by Robert Wooldridge
The Cyclist by Tom Milano
The Furious Fists of Faraday Punk by Tomax Aponte
The Girls In The Shadows by Tim Davis
The GreenSeed Conspiracy by Philip Benz
The House is Lonely by A.W. “Tony” Scott
The Julie Maloney Curse by Alex Brodsky
The Last Adventure of Shay Blaze by Howard Fridkin
The Mootants by Derek Kent
The Oaks by Scott Ludden
The Pick-Up Guy by Vandon Gibbs
The Prophet by Derek J. Pastuszek
The Relief by Ross Denyer
The Seen Before by Emil Steiner
The Sensualist – A Woman in Black by Suzanne Griffin
The Sky Thieves by Joey Ernand
The Spirit Flyer by Jonathan Vermeer
The Story of Harper Blair & some other people by Qaseem Fazal
The Tattooist by Heather Morris
The Umpire Has No Balls by Debbie Bolsky
The Untamed by Clayton Emery
The Water King by Persephone Vandegrift
Unconscionable by Howard Fridkin
Vara by Beth Curry
War 2.0 by James Hsiao
Waterloo TV Pilot by Chuck Griffith
Yonkheer by Wendy Jane Henson

Honorable Mention

Arranged by Zubaira Ahmed
Caging Lions by Marie McGrew
Chisel of God by Pete Petersen
Crash! by Vince Bailey
Delivered by Scott Reynolds
Drums Along the Brandywine by Jim Starr
Frigid by Andrew Mescher
Kingfisher by Layla Cummins
Martini Kiss by Mario Bobzin
Needles by Michael Bierman
Out of Character by Scott Robert Waldvogel
Pacific Anti Terrorist Unit: Reap the Harvest by Georges Salo
Queen of the Mountain by Vince Bailey
Rachel’s Season by Karol Silverstein
Talk isn’t Cheap by Kevin Cleary
The Empty Sea by David Poulshock
The Exile by Gustavo Garzon
The Extraordinary Ordinary by Natalie Rodriguez
The Grey Wolve by Michelle Daniel
The Revolt of the Whales by Michael Rhodes
Twains, Trains & Riverboats by Kevin Cleary