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Features & TV Pilots in 7 Genres

We’re looking for ALL emerging screenwriters! Whether you’re just beginning or a seasoned writer ready to redefine your career, we can elevate you to the next level. We’re searching for the most authentic and unique scripts in seven broad genre categories. For example, your script can be straight drama or a crossover script with dramatic elements. Mix and match any of the genres and surprise us to win cash in any category! This year we want to read your best work, the script that represents your genuine talent!

The winner of each genre category will receive $2,500 cash and be considered for acceptance onto the ISA Development Slate, where the Development Team will get your script in front of top industry pros from companies like MGM, Gidden Media, ICM, plus ISA vetted literary agents and managers. Of the seven scripts selected, one of you will go on to win the Grand Prize and receive an additional $7,500 for a total of $10,000.








Suspense (Mystery/Crime /Thriller/Horror)

 7 Genre Winners Will Meet With Industry Executives

Executives will include:

Showrunner – Craig Doyle

Craig Doyle is one of the most prolific comedy voices working today in television and film. Craig has been with GROWNISH on Freeform since its first episode as an EP and now serves as its Showrunner in its upcoming sixth season.  Previously, he was a Co-EP on BLACKISH on ABC, a Co-EP on THE GREAT INDOORS on CBS, and before that was a Co-EP on NBC’s UNDATEABLE for all 3 seasons. He was also previously a Consulting Producer on ABC’s FAMILY TOOLS.

Motion Picture Talent Agent – Niki Montazaran (WME)

Niki Montazaran is a Motion Picture agent at WME, where she focuses her business on representing directors, writers, actors, and producers.
Her clients include Babak Anvari (who is in post on his most recent feature for Netflix called I CAME BY), Eva Longoria (whose documentary LA GUERRA CIVIL premiered at Sundance this year and who is currently in post on her feature directorial debut FLAMIN’ HOT for Searchlight), Eugene Lee Yang (who is best known as a member of the Try Guys and is currently writing a feature he will direct with Christine Vachon producing), Kalinda Vazquez (who is currently writing the next installment of the STAR TREK franchise for Paramount Pictures), Katori Hall (Pulitzer-winning playwright and creator of P-VALLEY for Starz), Nida Manzoor (who created WE ARE LADY PARTS and is currently in production on her first feature), and Roshan Sethi (who co-created THE RESIDENT on Fox and is beginning prep on his sophomore film for Disney+). Montazaran was on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list in the Arts and Entertainment section in 2019 for her work amplifying the voices of artists from underrepresented communities.

Director – Star Victoria (Lust, Death of a Telemarketer)

Star Victoria is a 2020 DGA jury award-winning director. She graduated with her MFA in Production from the University of Southern California in 2019. Star directed her first feature film in 2021 for A&E Networks/Lifetime called Lust starring Tank and Keri Hilson. She is a Director mentee of the Ryan Murphy Half Initiative Director Diversity Program where she shadowed veteran director Loni Peristere on an episode of Fox’s Scream Queens. Star is also an invaluable 1st Assistant Director. She has AD’d over 15 feature films and several Shorts/music videos and commercials. One such short, Lalo’s House, a USC thesis film won the Student Oscar in October 2018. Star is also a Mentee of Director Mike Listo, Loni Peristere, Robert Townsend, Nina Yang Bongiovi, Cindy Cowan, Garcelle Beauvais and the late John Singleton. She is currently repped by Anthony Marotto at APA.

Director/Producer/Editor – Alrik Bursell (The Alternate, Red Snow, Making Movies is Hard)

Alrik Bursell is a freelance director/producer/editor who’s worked on feature films and corporate videos. He has directed seven short films including Strange Thing, which played a film festivals worldwide. Alrik’s first feature film The Alternate played at over 25 film festivals and brought in awards for best director, best sci-fi feature and won the gold ring at the Ravenna Nightmare Film Festival in Italy. The film has world wide distribution and will be released in North America on September 13th. Alrik has also worked on commercial videos for brands such as the NFL, Comcast Xfinity and HBO. Alrik is currently working as a Post Production Producer at Glass & Marker in Oakland, California. Alrik is also one of the hosts of Making Movies is Hard a popular indie filmmaking podcast and he is currently development on his next feature film.

President, Producer – Navid McIlhargey (Vandal Entertainment)

Navid Mcllhargey has been a studio executive and producer for over 20 years. In 2000, McIlhargey became an executive at Joe Roth’s Revolution Studios, where he oversaw production on the feature films such as WHITE CHICKS, PETER PAN, and TEARS OF THE SUN. He also worked on films such as BLACKHAWK DOWN, XXX, and ANGER MANAGEMENT.

In 2004, he moved to Joel Silver’s Silver Pictures where he was a producer on the Guy Ritchie directed ROCKNROLLA as well as ECHELON CONSPIRACY. While there, Navid also oversaw development on much of Silver’s larger action movies, including THE FORBIDDEN PLANET, LOGAN’S RUN, THE DIRTY DOZEN, ALTERED CARBON, MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE, HOT WHEELS, TIME AND AGAIN, and Orson Scott Card’s EMPIRE. In 2008 Navid became Executive Vice President at New Regency, a film studio where he oversaw production of THE DARKEST HOUR starring Emile Hirsch and Joel Kinneman as well as BROKEN CITY starring Mark Wahlberg and Russell Crowe. He developed his favorite slate of projects alongside Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, James Grey, James Mangold, Rob Cohen, Joseph Kosinski, Kurtzman and Orci, Simon Kinberg, Zak Penn among many others. In 2015, Navid started his own consulting and production shingle, Vandal Entertainment. As a media consultancy, McIlhargey is currently working with several entertainment and tech-based companies.

As a production entity, Vandal focuses primarily on elevated thematic and character based/high-concept genre fare. The company released its first film entitled THE HUNTER’S PRAYER directed by Jonathan Mostow and staring Sam Worthington. McIlhargey most recently produced MODERN LOVE for Amazon. Vandal currently has over 40 film and television projects in development, is casting 7 movies (including one with Sam Jackson) and producing even more with the likes of Will Smith, Kevin Hart, and others.

Literary Manager, Producer – Lee Stobby (Lee Stobby Entertainment)

Lee Stobby is a producer, literary manager, and principal of Lee Stobby Entertainment who has over 10 years of management and producing experience. Some of his client highlights include: Shay Hatten (JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 3, JOHN WICK 4, ARMY OF THE DEAD, ARMY OF THIEVES), Kate Trefry (made the Black List in 2013 (PURE O) and 2016 (REVOLVER) who has an overall deal at Netflix and currently writes on STRANGER THINGS), Isaac Adamson (#1 Black List script BUBBLES), Rodney Ascher (ROOM 237, THE NIGHTMARE, A GLITCH IN THE MATRIX), and Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy (Cannes winner THE TRIBE).

Stobby’s Producing highlights and credits include SISTER AIMEE, which premiered at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival; WILDLING starring Bel Powley, Liv Tyler and Brad Dourif and premiered at the 2017 SXSW; as well as development set up with Matt Reeves’ 6th and Idaho, Universal, and Netflix.

Creative Exec Braxton Rickert (Lee Stobby Entertainment)

More to be announced.


Grand Prize

(Selected from 7 Genre Award Winners)

$10,000 Cash

(Includes $2,500 from Genre Award)

Genre Awards

(1 Winner from Each Genre Category)

$2,500 Cash Each

(7 Winners Selected from 7 Genres)


(Top 10 of Each Genre)

All Entrants Receive a 1-Month Introductory ISAConnect Membership

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Mega Early: June 30th – $25
Early: July 31st – $39
Regular: Sept. 8th – $49
Final: Oct. 27th – $69


Suspense (Mystery/Crime /Thriller/Horror)


Quarter-Finalists: Dec. 6th

Semi-Finalists: Jan. 3rd

Finalists: Jan. 24th

Grand Prize Winner: Feb. 7th

Our Industry Partners Include

Genre Winners will be considered for  acceptance onto the ISA Development Slate for a full year, where our team will work to promote promote them and their scripts to top agents, managers and producers.

Over 80 Scripts From Development Slate Writers Have Been Produced or Optioned and Over 60 Writers Have Been Repped

Over 80 Scripts From Development Slate Writers Have Been Produced or Optioned and Over 60 Writers Have Been Repped

Wendy Wilkins

Gaining some traction after her screenplay Alone Today became a quarter finalist in the Emerging Screenwriters Competition, Wendy was able to raise investor funds, and attract some wonderful talent including Eric Roberts and Danny Trejo to direct this feature, which just completed principal photography.

Peres Owino

Produced by Taraji P Henson, starring Gladys Knight and Method Man, Seasons of Love garnered Peres and co-writer Sharon Brathwaite, an NAACP Nomination for Best Writing in a TV movie.

Denise E Meyers

Denise’s short The Dark of Night, directed by Robin Wright and starring Leslie Bibb, premiered at Cannes. Denise has also recently won an inaugural Sloan Foundation Grant to further develop her screenplay Lucky 13.

Jason Scott Goldberg

He recently produced Glorious, which was named a Top FiIm to Watch at Fantasia by Forbes and is certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. Ryan Kruger (Fried Barry) is attached to direct his bonkers buddy/body horror film Gums, and Aaron Koontz’s Paper Street Pictures boarded his Hit List project, Flatwoods with Barbara Crampton attached to star; Padraig Reynolds (Open 24 Hours, Darklight) is helming the project.

Lucy Luna

Lucy was accepted into the HBO Access Program, and is signed with Brillstein Entertainment Partners and APA.

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