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Take Your Screenplay to the Next Level with ISA-Certified Professional Script Analysis

Screenplay competitions like Emerging Screenwriters are a great way to take a chance on your dreams through your creativity. However, unless you win the Grand Prize or place in the Top 100, you may never know how your script actually compared – and even if you do find success, you won’t actually know what it was about your script that caught the judges’ eyes and set you apart. That’s where Professional Script Analysis comes in.

In this business, doors only open every so often, so when you walk through you want to make sure you present the best version of what you have to offer. You don’t just want your screenplay to win a competition – you want producers and agents to read your screenplay and say, “I want THIS.” Script Analysis will give you that insight into those industry minds before you even get the appointment.

First 20 Pages Analysis – So much of the opportunity available to your script is spent within the first twenty pages. You need to make sure the hook, teaser, cold open… grabs the reader and presents you like it should. This analysis will give you those answers.

General Analysis (2-3 Pages) – You know your work inside and out, now it’s time to get a second opinion. We’ll read your full script, and you’ll receive a detailed personalized critique on what we see, what we think, and suggestions on where to go next.

Extensive Analysis (Up to 5 Pages) – For those looking for an extensive breakdown of the inner-workings of their creative material. Writers who select this Analysis will receive suggestions on how to improve overall writing, story, structure, characters, pacing, stakes, climax and resolution, specific problem scenes, tone and overall commercial appeal.

ISA-Certified Script Readers are experienced industry professionals with a variety of success in screenwriting, producing, and literary management. They are here to empower you to improve your work based on their well-informed perspective and how it relates to the structure and technique contained within your script. We strive to give you something more than just a pat on the back; we’re here to propel your script to the front of the line.

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Emerging Screenwriters Screenplay Competition Participating Writer:

“I just wanted to let you know that I have entered numerous contests over the last 3 years with this script and I am thrilled with this feedback. Usually coverage from contests means vague book reports, but the coverage I received makes it clear what needs to be done to improve the script. I can’t thank Emerging Screenwriters enough!” ~ Sam Lunay

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