MR MOON by Mike Langer

2nd Place

LARIAT GIRL by Suzanne Prescott

3rd Place


4th Place

ABOVE AND BEYOND by Valerie Grant

5th Place

HOOD by Alexander Galant

6th Place

TRACKS by Mariah Gretchen Robinson

7th Place

HARVESTER OF EYES by Paul Hart-Wilden

8th Place

WAITING GAMES by Jeffrey Field

9th Place


10th Place

TOP 100

Below you will see the TOP 100 listed in alphabetical order by TITLE

101 Ways to Survive the End of the World by Tracee Beebe
A Bellevue Love Story by Michael Wolfe
Above and Beyond by Valerie Grant
Affection by Chris O’Neill
Bad Princess by Holiday Kinard
bad. by Geenah Krisht
Big Sister: “Orphaned” by Paige Brien
Blue Moon by Roniel Tessler
Bury Your Dead by Richard McGovern
Burying the Littlemans by R.B. Ripley
Cell-2-Cell by Bob Canning
Close Enough To Perfect by Dan Williams
Copperhead by Cody Joel
Cowboys and Hindus by Tejal Desai
Daddy’s Girl by Paul Rose Jr.
Dark Horizons by Carlo Carere
Darkness Awaits by Christopher Blackwell
Dear Langston by Kevyn Richmond
Deliver The Lost by Matthew Kilburn
Demoted by Daniel Kullman, Nicolas DeGrazia & Matt Birnholz
Earth Station by Michael Paull
Fashionistas by Chris O’Neill
Fear by Peter Jang
Fountain of Youth by Ronak Shah
Foursome by Brent Hartinger
Frame 37 by Roger Winstead
Freeway Jack by Steven Butler
Grip Tape by Larry V. Santana
Hartley’s War by Michael Faunce-Brown
Harvester of Eyes by Paul Hart-Wilden
Haunt for Hire by Veronica Tabares
Heartland in the Hood by John McHale
Helter Shelter: “Gina” by Niki Smart
Hood by Alexander Galant
Hubris+Paranoia: “Autodefenestration” by Phil Connell
Jacqueline/Hyde by Matthew Bryan
Kingdom by Sarah Wisner
Lariat Girl by Suzanne Prescott
Leading Edge by A.W. “Tony” Scott
Lost Girl Found by Anthony Ripo
Lucky Five by Lynn Harrod
Madness by Cory Huizar
Max by Scott Boxenbaum
Miss Hercules by Martin Hiew
Monstrous by Melody Cooper
Motel by April Phillips
Mr. Moon by Mike Langer
My Brother the Actor by Lee Jacob
Nightingale by A. J. Bermudez
Orientation by Eve Symington
Overwhelming Darkness by Steven Hart
Pinko Gutter by Matt Brutsche
Providence by Einat Tubi
Putnam County Law by Lisa Sanow
Rhythm by Brandon Maynard
Seaside by Brandon Maynard
Secrets by Lori Kay Allred
Serpentine by Thomas Sinclair
Shadow of a Gator by Annie Macdonald
She Kisses Thorns by Johnny Zito
Shooting Angels by Randall(RW) Hahn
Silence Beneath the Ice (O) by Stuart Heinlein
Someplace in Time by Valerie Grant
Something of Value by Richard Maker
Something Wicked – This Way Comes by Charles Stulck
Spencer, 1928 by Veronica Tabares
Stage Dad by Steven Butler
Stone Drive by Sylvia Marie Llewellyn
Stray Cat Jazz by Jake Macpherson
Suits of Woe by Richard Minkoff
Ten Daze In L.A. by David Aguilar
The 24th by Anthony Vieira
The Arm of The Individual by Jon Hodson
The Avitrix by Stephen Kelly
The Billings LP by Vandon Gibbs
The Commute by Sarah Larsen
The Deadman Case by Paul Hart-Wilden
The Dinosaur Four by Greg Rhem
The DMV Chronicles by Jana Godshall
The Exchange by Jeff Meyers
The Fireman by Quinn Dewsbury
The Inferno Machine by Ken Collins
The Mines of Altar by Jon Ayon
The Narrow Edge by David Deverell
The Ones Who Know by Barbara Johns
The Slingshot Brigade by Leo Sopicki
The Third Place by Sam Remo
The Twelve Chairs by Gregg Greenberg
The Wonder by George Johnson
Tracks by Mariah Gretchen Robinson
Treadmill by Jade Tremblay
Uncaged by Mary Krell-Oishi
Unravelled by Ted Campbell
Visions in Amber by Carlos Perez
Waiting Games by Jeffrey Field
Welcome to the Hotel Chateau Cheveux by Michael Snow
Wendigo by Mike Langer
Within by R.B. Ripley & Ryan Dixon
Without a Guiding Star by TJ Jaeger
X by Chris Phillips