2018 Winners


by Devi Snively

Grand Prize Winner

by Carolyn Kras

3rd Place

by Douglas Stark

5th Place


by Skye Emerson

Grand Prize Winner

by Evan Laughlin

4th Place

by David Rocchio

6th Place


Alphabetical Order by Title

Kindred Spirits by Ross Brooks
Last Hope by Elizabeth Lansky
Red Dirt by David Sullivan

TOP 100

Alphabetical Order by Title

1. Backpack by Ethan Crystal
A Better Place by Katterina Powers
A Fox in Zion by Michael Aakre
A Red Sky by Robert Brody
Amorous by Naomi Pandolfi
An American Manner by Matthew Cesario
Arcanum by Jen Krueger and James Mulholland
Atlas City (Pilot) by Mark DiPaola
Badass Bandits by Olga Andreadis
Banana Republic by T.L. Davis
Bent by Daniel Katz
Biomass by Rob Tymchyshyn
Black Circle by Nathan Wilcoxen
Blue Moon by Roniel Tessler
Book Drop by Dax de la Monta
Challenger by Skye Emerson
Chances by Jeffrey Trently and Anthony Stitt
Cosmic Justice by David Carren and Richard Gould
Dancing in the White Room by David Sabbath
Dark Horizons by Carlo Carere and Erin Carere
Dead Possum by Jared Raun
DECEIT: The True Story of the Amorous Landlady by Bob Canning
Drive Slow by Terrence Thompson
Enemy by Nathan Wilcoxen
Even The Losers by John Stansifer and Landon Williams
Finding Alexandria by Sayem Huq
Forbidden Symphony by Alexandria Xiaoli Zheng
Free by Jason Usry
Friday Night Frenzy by Richard Stringham
Fuck New Rome by Erik Sternberger
Group Therapy by Matthew Kelly
High Life by Nathan Wilcoxen
Hooked by Sean Skelton
In Chambers by Carolyn Kras
Kerry Dunbar by Evan Laughlin
Kindred Spirits by Ross Brooks
Last Hope by Elizabeth Lansky
Laura Is A Laker Girl by Thesy Surface
Lights Out by David Rocchio
Liminal by Megan Meadows
Liz-At-Law by Douglas Stark
Locked-In by Matthew Feitshans and Seth Harrington
Machine Learning by Ryan Vaughn
Male Delivery by Paul Penley
Marked by Leah Pollack
Mrs. Arnold’s War by Martin Blinder
My Dead Career:”I Forgot to Duck” by Timothy Youker and Audrey Dundee Hannah
Nemesis by Kranti Pally
Nonstop To Rikers by Gregory Mulligan
O’Malley’s Critter Control by Michael McDonough
On the Sparrow by Randall Hahn
Orientation by Eve Symington
Paleo by Octavia Martin
Paper Tigers by Garrett Ratcliff
Pitiful and Incomprehensible Demoralization by Christopher Bradley
Project SPYDER by Dreama Elmore
Pull by Marc Messenger
Red Dirt by David Sullivan
Relentless by Jay Fisher
Remember Kent State by Cicely Wynne
Restricted Fantasies by Kevin Kneupper
Returned Pilot: Lost Children by Lizanne Southgate
Rundown by Jason Mageras
Shanda by Jillian Lauren
Shoot The Sun by Jeff Doiron
Siege Perilous by Brian Kazmarck
Sight by Sarah Whorton
Skulduggery by Matthew Davis
Skyjack by Clarke Mayer
Sloppy Seconds by Toni Nagy
Sol by James Fox
Somewhere Between Heaven & Hell by Stephen Ingle
Speak English by Kieran Angelini
Strange Brew by Conor Simpson and Freeland Shreve
Syringes by Ross Raffin
Taking the King by Nelson Blish
The Last Game by Phil Kaufman
The Angel Rainbow Car Wash by Tom Rossi

The Art of Suicide

by Devi Snively
The Salt of Her Skin by Michael Easton
The Beast by Peter Dukes
The Blue Blood Moon by David Sabbath
The Chamizal War by Stan Barton
The Demon Deep in Oklahoma by Lance Marshall
The Divinity Cycle by Nelson Downend
The Endless Fortune of the Barefoot Ship Breaker by Nicholas Camacho
The Enemy Within by Ken Miyamoto
The Hammer by Jason Hunter
The Joyrider by Kirk Davis and Hubert Pedroli
The Killer Script by David Pierotti
The Last Car Chase by Jonathan Miller
The Long Game by David Vaughan
The Machine “Pilot” by Cory Greeson
The Resurrectionists by Travis Opgenorth
This Close by Marc Messenger
Thrown by Ken Miyamoto
Titus Maxwell’s Last Case by Brendon Slee
Transfat by Matthew Kelly
Transmission by Joshua Freeman
Weekend Warriors by Daniel Hogan
Wendigo by Mike Langer