Honorable Mention – Top 15 Winner of Emerging Screenwriters Screenplay Competition Season 5 “This is probably the most encouraging coverage I’ve ever had on one of my screenplays. It’s clearly not a perfect script, but I appreciate that there is a nice balance of what’s good about it and what isn’t so good and needs work. I’ve been through a pretty discouraging ‘dark phase’ with my writing for a while, but this reviewer’s encouraging words really rocked me out of it! Thanks for the support….”
~ Chip Clark.


3rd Place Winner of ES Season 5 “I want to thank the reader for their thoughtful examination of my story. I am of course very pleased by the overwhelmingly positive things they had to say, but I am also appreciative of the one or two things they mentioned that might need further attention. Their overall professionalism is evident in the quality of their feedback. I would definitely recommend your service to others.”
~ Phil P.


TOP 100 Winner of Emerging Screenwriters Screenplay Competition Season 1 “To the team, and especially whoever wrote these notes…the best feedback I’ve had in years!!!!! – and I work with some of the top “Hollywood” studio consultants! Not huge comments, but just the right points nailed to take it from a really good script, as you said, to even more smoking! So much appreciated!!!! Loved the notes! If only I could find a manager then they could of helped me tweak this to perfection already, but you’ve just done it for me!!! Maybe I will actually get a manager now one day… lol!!! Huge huge tks for your excellent bits of perfection ideas!!!! They were SO good yet so simple!”
~ Sundae J-O.


“I just received the coverage. I just wanted to let you know that I have entered numerous contests over the last 3 years with this script and I am thrilled with this feedback. Usually coverage from contests means vague book reports, but the coverage I received makes it clear what needs to be done to improve the script. I can’t thank Emerging Screenwriters enough!”
~ Sam L.

“I received the email and notes, and have to say yet again probably the best and most detailed notes I’ve ever received. The notes alone made it well worth entering, much thanks!” ~ Mike S.

“I didn’t wanna send it [to the production company] until I got notes from you because you’re always so helpful & the notes are so great.”
~ Larry S.

“During the time of submission till now, I’ve gotten lots of notes from to to to a personal friend, and I’ve done a couple rewrites. Most of the concerns addressed in my rewrites are the same concerns this reader raised. This is simply a clear indication that this reader is a pro that understands the genre.”
~ Chidi E.

“Thank you very much for the analysis. I appreciate the feedback being direct and, most importantly, actionable. It has given me a starting point for further revisions to this pilot script and development of the series. I will keep this feedback by my side as I do so. On a more global note, the feedback gives me insight to help me grow as a writer. For example, I’ve been told I give too many details in the action lines, now, thanks to this I can see I went too far in the other direction.
Thank you again for taking the time to read and comment on my script and helping me grow as a writer.”

~ Jason A.

“I wanted to thank you for the scene specific notes in my analysis. They made a lot of sense and, while some notes seemed small at first glance, they really made a BIG difference to those scenes. I appreciate that you took the time to give me such insightful critique.”
~ Jack M.

“Please let the reviewer know that I greatly appreciate the depth of her/his consideration and the gift of some tangible suggestions for improvement. I’m also greatly relieved to know though it didn’t advance to the top 100, it doesn’t totally stink.”
~ Kathryn K.

“I am writing to let Emerging Screenwriters know I have received my script analysis and the feedback was phenomenal! I read it, absorbed it, and revised my script incorporating as much of the analysis as I could. What was great about the analysis was that much of what was critiqued as needing another look or revision were points that concerned me also. I must say, the analysis and feedback was invaluable and well worth the wait. I have made revisions – in enough time for resubmission! Thanks a billion!”
~ Kenya J.

“Thank you for the feedback for my piece. I cannot fault the report. The good bits are, of course, welcome (‘chest-swelling’) and gave me encouragement to proceed. The criticism is constructive, helpful and well received. It is certainly not the superficial rhetoric I have received from other so-called reviewers, which sometimes makes one think – why bother! Thank you again for a job well done.”
~ Gerald

“I was so very happy to read the feedback that’s straight to the point. Every word of it is useful for my rewrite.
Thanks for being part of my journey.”

~ Krishna

“Thank you for the feedback it’s opened my eyes quite a bit. Further, more I knew something was wrong with it, and I couldn’t pin it down until now. My family tends to sugar coat it, and most of them said it’s got a solid story. I didn’t know if I should believe them or not. I like honesty even if it means hurting someones feelings. At least I can look over the script with open eyes instead of sugar coated eyes. I took a closer look at the beginning two days ago and you are right about a lot of things. This script does need a lot more description and it does need a better beginning.
Thanks once again!”

~ Richard W.T.