Grand Prize Winner

by Joshua Traywick

2nd Place

by R.B. Ripley

3rd Place

by Skye Emerson & Schuyler Pappas

4th Place

by Jim Duncanson & Dave Bonner

5th Place

by Jaclyn Parker

6th Place

by Jeffrey Howe

7th Place

THAT SISTER THANG by Lindiwe Mueller-Westernhagen & Dale Winton

8th Place

by Steve Miranda

9th Place

by Kelly Jean Karam

10th Place

TOP 100

Below you will see the TOP 100 listed in alphabetical order by TITLE

#Likes4Lucas by Dylan Dempsey
A Note from an Old Acquaintance by Bill Walker
Amazons by Sean Gallimore
And Then, This Happened by Steve Feld
Arinjay by Matthew Willis
Badlands Bully by Nick Davis
Binge On by Gabriel Marinho
Black Talon by Kris Lippert
Blackjack Man by Craig Whittle
Blood On Black Leather by Thomas Banuelos
Body Blows by Colin Scott
Brother’s Keeper by Keegan Uhl
Burying the Littlemans by R.B. Ripley
Carla Margo by Amelia Phillips
Caroline Buxton’s Lipstick Posse by Kelly Jean Karam
Cherry by Sophie Galibert and Arthur Cohen
Closet Doors by Joe Gruberman
Company of Sin by Ronjoy Borthakur
Cracked by Gus Avila
Critical by Daniel Katz
Daffodil by Christina Wollerman
Dancing in the White Room by David Sabbath
DeCodeMe by Warren Glover and Deborah Kol
Deep Blue by Kevin Miller
Double Delivery by Jeremy Black
Even A Just Man Falls by Mark Christopher Boyd
Extraordinary by Lane Stroud
Fighting Johnny O’Brian by Terry Lynam
Fissure by Sean Gallimore
Flat-rate Frank by Jeffrey Howe
Girl Trouble by Devi Snively
Go Catch the Devil by Martin Blinder
Hellgate by R.B. Ripley
Hereafter by Megan Breen
Heterophobia by Steve Miranda
Hit Me by Matthew Greenberg
Hit Mom by Kevin Miller
Home by Skye Emerson and Schuyler Pappas
Inked In Blood by  by Paul Corricelli
Javelin by Cinque Lee
Jenelle L.: Cuddler-for-Hire by Ourdia Hodge
Journee by Chigozie Ndolo
Jump by Andrew Stussie
Killer on the Road by Bob Canning
Life With Rodney by Jabari Howard
Mayhaven by Naomi Pandolfi
Meat Picasso by Lila McLaughlin
MR. wRIGHT by Colin Scott
Murphy’s Lawn by Kevin Naughton and Craig Peterson
Mustache by Laura Murphy
My Human by Patricia Harris Seeley
No Honor Among Thieves by Jeffrey Bowie Jr
Operation Brother Sam by Gustavo Freitas
Pink Lava by Sharon Powers
Pretty Little Gun by Michele Kanan
Punctured by Shari Grewal
Rise by Sin by Glenn Doyle and Roselle Doyle
Rising Tide by Mitchell Ganem
Rites of Passage by Grady Charles
Rites of Summer by Alex Kornhauser
Runaway Cruise by Theodore Carl Soderberg
Save My Hero by Paul Hubbard
Schicchi by Krystyna Loboda
Secret Birthday by Daniel Forrer
Stage 4 by Meik Fischer
Sugar Land by R.B. Ripley
Take My Wife, Please by Steve Feld
That Sister Thang by Lindiwe Mueller-Westernhagen and Dale Winton
The 49th Day by Craig Peters
The Abyss of Pain by David Sabbath
The Adventures of Sam Francisco by Naomi Pandolfi
The Artsmen by Charliese Elisah West and Chasah West
The Blue Blood Moon by David Sabbath
The Confection Connection by Surj Das
The Dark Arts by Eric Leja
The Dotbusters: Once Upon a Time in Little India by Surj Das
The Girl, Dying by Ally May
The Gospel According to Charlie by Kamal John Iskander
The Guide by  Alexis Johnson
The Last Firefly at Sandpoint by Steve Trebilcock
The Last Moon by Sean McConville
The Lost Brigade by Paul Gulino
The Madman & the Drunk by Joshua Traywick
The Path to Virtue by Catherine Fridey
The Squawker by Craig Peters
The Tailors of Danzig by Jim Duncanson and Dave Bonner
There You Are by Mackenzie Kyle
Ties That Bind by Christopher Lovett
Tiger, Tiger by Mark Stouffer
Til River Burns by Patrick Mulvihill
Tomas and Ines by Rebecca Louisell
Transitions by R.B. Ripley
Tribrid by Patricia Harris Seeley
Truth or Consequences by Tara Etienne
Unravelled by Ted Campbell
Well-Rounded by Rebecca Golden
Wendigo by Mike Langer
Work From Home by Jaclyn Parker
Workaholic by Stephen Lincoln
Young Ones by Don Broida and Craig Dewey