Shoot Your Sizzle 2017 WINNERS


by Edward Case

2nd Place

by Charles Cloud and John M. Hemphill

3rd Place

by Kenlon Clark

4th Place

by Shaun Burrell

5th Place

by Cristina Kinon

6th Place

by Matt McHugh and Rodney Altman

7th Place

by Daniel J. Mitchell

8th Place

by LS Garvey

9th Place

by Ted Campbell

10th Place

TOP 100

Below you will see the TOP 100 listed in alphabetical order by TITLE

3D At The Palace by Kent Wilson
A Labour of Love by Olga Holtz
A Woman, Untitled by Charles Lane
Alastor Blackburn – Hell Detective: “Baby Blues” by Leo York
All Hallows’ Eve by Steve Desmond
All of Her Life by Jeff Shevlowitz
Bad Dream Team by Dianna Zimmerman
Between Two Worlds by Aimee Dansereau & Sarah Cooke
Blue Light by Andrew Fisk
Blue Motel by Ted Campbell
Burner by Bob Canning
Caliber by Kenlon Clark
Change-Able by Cindi Knapton
Charlie Bonner by Benjamin Seay
Chocolate Potato by Neil O’Neil
Copsucker by Michael Proudfoot
Crazy Fables by Matt Schutt
Dark Country by Edward Case
Devil’s Door by Corey Hebein
Dixie Silver by Gigi Gaston
Dogs of War by Kenneth Roberts
Double Vengeance by Christopher Blackwell
Dr. Neurotic by Matt McHugh, Jason Skorski, Aran Singh
Ed Connors: Life Coach by Matt McHugh & Rodney Altman
Enclave by Mickey Hadick
Family Matters by Mary Tolan
Father, Forgive Me: “Past Sins” by Jeffrey Langham
Finding Distance by Jodi Levitan
Fleet Week by Theodore Soderberg
Follow Me by Donell Nelson
Girl At A Window by Ed Wiles
Grave Whispers by Mico Montes
Hideout by Kris Roselli
Him Again? by Rhonda Lord
Hunger Pains by Farrin Rosenthal
I Hate Mondays by Farrin Rosenthal
Immunity by Kenlon Clark
Infernal by Corey Azevedo
Inked  in Blood by Paul Corricelli
Interstate 5 by Shaun Burrell
Jackalope by Steven Lankenau
Jones Beach: “Find Porthos” by Ed Vaughan
Juvenile Acts by Luke Cooper-Martin
Mark of Cain by Edward Case
Mindjack by James Hickey
Mr Nick and The Dark by Antony Buonomo
Mused by James Martin
My Million Dollar Mom by Ross Schriftman
Nine Scars by Kelly Crawford
No Mercy Rule by Charles Cloud & John M. Hemphill
No One to Call by Tom Sabin
Outside the Statute by Leslie Wood
Patient by M Rowan Meyer
People Must Die by Eric Close
Product 125 by Jim Falletta
Promises by Trevor Mayes
Return of the Hero by John Morrison
Rubicek by Stephanie Dawson & Joe Forbrich
Set Life by Oliver Mack Calhoun
Shapeshifters by Andrew Fisk
Soldiers of God by Guy Quigley
Speed Demon by Randy Vampotic & Mike Sorrentino
Stricken by Ted Campbell
Stupidstitions by Michael Gaun
Superfluous by Daniel J. Mitchell
Taking Arizona by Jeff Goldstein
Teaching Our Sons to Swim by Richard Herstek
The Astral Project by Bob Cousins
The Auteur by Matt McHugh, Jason Skorski, Aran Singh
The Big O by Stephanie Kurtzuba Coakley
The Blanked by Glenn Acosta
The Cabal by Frank Perrotto
The Cutting Fields by Christopher von Grebe & Jeffrey Poehlmann
The Duplicate by Victor Orel
The Flight of Souls by Guy Quigley
The Game-Changer by Patrick Sherman
The Honor Killing by Guy Quigley
The Lariat Girl by Suzanne Prescott
The Mahpa’s Secret by Jennifer Ussi
The Minstrel by Todd Sorrell
The Naked Man by Ben Gutteridge
The New Belfast Chronicles by Greg Beck & Joshua McClain
The Nightline Attic by Denis Memedoski
The Reckoning of Billy Barnes by Jeffrey Cotton
The Rise and Fall of Robert Johnson by Jeffrey Abelson
The Sculptor by Kris Lippert
The Unobtainables by Zee Kershaw
Torched by Dianna Zimmerman
Unholy Toledo by Mary Goldman and Tim House
Unravelled by Ted Campbell
Varsity by Cristina Kinon
Vincent Locke: Villain-At-Law by Christiaan Kutlik
Walking Cities by Anna Abrashina
War Bank by Daniel J. Mitchell
Wild Falls by J.D. Mathes
Willowwood by Christopher Locke
Windy City – Gospel of Witches by LS Garvey
Without Prejudice by Kenlon Clark & William Rubio
Year 73 by Jeff Shevlowitz
Zakis by Andre Gaumond