2022 Winners

Emerging Screenwriters Drama Screenplay Competition


(Alphabetical Order by Title)

2088 – A Farmer Takes a Wife by Russell Bennett
93% Chance of Happiness by Jeff Bower
A Better Life by Zenas Cao
A British Hacker in America by paul field
A Little Bit More by Dennis Hennessey
A Machine for Time by John Broadhead
A Mother’s Decree by Heather Fusari
Aaron by Yoav Litvin
Airbags by Patrick Holden and Jessica Fraser
Alienated by Brian Reynolds
All My Trials, Lord by Sandra Cropsey
American Virtuosa by Lillie Gardner
An Unexpected Gift by Denise Bryant
Another Chance by Jaden Duenas
Arrangements by Peter Macaluso
As We Know It by Peter Besson
Ashes by Melissa Harkness
Author of the Epilogue by Catherine Vouvray
Avenida Villa by Gibran Escalera
Backwaters by Jeffrey Craine
Bad Things Happen by Qaseem Fazal
Ballerina Ensnared by David Heger
Baptized by Sam Watson
Bardo by Adrian Todd Zuniga
Barth by Scott Marshall Taylor
Bethlehem Slutbag by Mak Shealy
Beyond All Odds – The Cindy Mccoy Story by Tina Howe
Big Pharma (The Fix Is In) by Michael Caffrey and Noah Silverman
Big Pink by David Dalessandro
Birdie by Dawn Sellers
Blood & Syrup by Gabe Duran
Bone Broth by Noelle Messier
Born Again by Joe Becker
Branden’s Song by Peter Besson
Break Away by Romeo Ciolfi
Brothers in Arms by Eloise Healey
Buon Natale by Leonard Varasano
Burn Pattern by Laura Kemp
Captain for Dark Mornings by Nancy Froeschle and Louis Macovsky
Caravaggio by Alasdair McMullan
Cayce by George Schwimmer
Centurions by Sally Stubbs
Child of the Disappeared by Michael Holliday
Christen Thee by Kristopher Garcia-Simms
Coldwater by Craig Berger
Company by Dan Southard
Conquer the World by Gary Champagne
Courage on the Horizon by Larry Henrikson
Crabs in a Mother F*Cking Bucket by Kari Mote
Cranberry Heist by Kristopher Garcia-Simms
Crazy Girl by Amy Haeussler
Crush by Azzurra Nox
Cyclone by Alan Madden
Daisy by Theo Luoma
Damned Troublemakers by Ty Bradford
Dead Inside by Zach Lufkin
Deepa By Design by Laura Jaques
Disordered by Parrish Hurley
Don’t Go There by Jeffrey Field
Dreams of Starlight by dan hertzog
Driving Miss Doha by Richard Spencer
Elderly Arthur And The Residential of Gloom by Matthew Lowe
End of Fall by Adis Megerdichian
Everything Is Fine by Kenson Junicue
Fight Or Play Basketball by Mike Messier
First Blooded by Kenya Collins
Flowers Every Day by Russell Bennett
Flyover by Heather Faris
Forbidden To See Us Scream in Tehran by Farbod Ardebili
Forces of Decadence by Phillip Hollins
Frederick And Mary Destroy a Monster by Christopher Harmon
Garment by Shannon Amborn
General Grant Is Doomed! by James Saunders
Good Riddance by Kiana Kleemm
Granger by Mary Sandell
Graves’ Consequences by Edward Hamel
Group SOS by Bonnie Culver
Haight-Ashbury by Randall Fontana
Haight-Ashbury by Randall Fontana
Halsted: Between Pleasure & Pain by Jacobo Fe
Haunted Heart by Mike Bencivenga
Heart of a Woman by keith holland
Her Shadow by Sarah C.E. Parker
Héroe by Daniel Contreras
Hidden Witness by Marie Jones
Home by Elise Salomon
Horse by John Mahony
Hsima by Ayisha Henry
Idlewild Summer by Chelsea Hazzard
Inborn by Christopher Virnig and Matthew Long
Incarnations by Albert Chan
Insight Hell on Earth by Joseph Murkijanian
Insurrection by Simon Bowler
Jane Doe & The Stag by Bryce Breen
Jumbo’s Keeper by Melissa Birks
Justice by Ken Pisani
Kentucky Blood by T. Siena
Kid C by Jingjing Tian
Lake Opaque by Amanda Andrei
Left Behind by Yara Caubet
Letters From Athens by Miranda Filippides
Lives of the Saints by Corie Schweitzer
Lobo Tren by Lisa Penner-Dang
Lost Coast by Liz Beall
Lost Hope Hotel by Alex Rubin
Love Unlimited by Jennifer Page
Lovers And Madmen by Mary Sandell
Loyalties by Leanne Averbach
Lured by Frank Avella
Madam President by James Saunders
Maggie Noir by ELISA DONOVAN
Major Hacker’s War by Steve Blame
Make Believe by Brit Cowan
Makwa by Johnny Cole
Marconiville by Tony Clemente Jr
Margo Finchley’s First Steps by Tess Melvin
Mary [Redacted] by Phae Amara
Mason’s Cove by Ky Rogers
Meant To Be by Diana Williamson
Mental by Latasha Mercer
Message 37 by Simon Wilkinson
Miles Away From Home by Brit Cowan
Mischief by David Dalessandro
Miss Diagnosed by Shahar Ben Halevi
Mississippi Mace by Rissa Thomas
Moonscope by David Fein
Murderous Truth by Richard Wilkinson
Mysteries of Lake Brosno by Sergei Okhotin
Nate Rivers’ Return by Barry Pagel
Nisei by Eliot Hagen
No Man’s Property by James Brosnahan
Nolo Contendere by Laura Hemingway
Ntsb by Phil Mars
Obeying Orders by Steve Walker
Objectified by Randi Lundell
Objects in Mirror by Danny Katz
On the Wing by Lynn Esta Goldman
One by B. E. Marvis
One Love by Christopher Genest
One Nation, Under God by David Midget
Opposite Sides by Kimberly Broderick
Orwell’s War by Lawrence Bogad
Out of the 80’s by ANDRE DEGAS
Outlaws by J M Stifle
Piper by Katy Dore
Pixie Pamela by Nicole Quinn
Post Great by Adam Hersh
Private Investigations by Brendan O’Connell
Pure by Nava Silton
Purgatory by Nancy Froeschle and Louis Macovsky
Purgatory: Dogs, Donkeys And Women by Mack Edwards
Purgatory: Fathers Do Not Provoke by Mack Edwards
Queen of the Road by Jay D. Waxman
Reports of My Death by Adam Pachter
Riding With Charlie by Shintaro Ogai
Ruby Blue by Laura Sedlak
Running From the Moon by ryan christiansen
Running Gun by Mike Bencivenga
Ruth Rising by Lillie Gardner
Saints And Poets by Richard LaPorta
Santiago’s Prayer by Ed Johnson
Sarah Comes Home by David Rocchio
Savant by Bob Ingraham
Saving Grace by Thomas Duffy
Seamless by Theresa Brown
Shadows of Love by Rathan Krueger
Shake Bodi by Aloaye Omoake
Shattered Faces by Ariane Hahusseau
Silver Wings by A.W. Scott and Jean Qing Su
Silverado Canyon by Kevin Dobbs
Sinderella by Christopher Rebbert
Slack Tide by David Willis
Smoke on the Water by Margaret Newlin Rice
Sofia by Vassil Nikolov and Vassil Nikolov
Spirit of the Anzacs by Les McDiarmid
Split by Christopher Carlson
Star Horse by Margaret Price
Stormtrooper by Mario Rivas
Sugar’s by Dennis Flagg
Sunset & Fifth by Monty Floyd
Sweaty Boy by Charles Stulck
Sweet Evening Breeze by Travis Myles
Talking To My Elf by Desi Lyon
Taser by David M Hinds
Tenn by Robin Shushan
That Green by Matthew Sorvillo
The Academy by Brit Cowan
The Accidental Terrorist by Stewart Fergus
The Ata Girls by Mandy Newton
The Baby Farm by CB McCarty
The Bell A.K.A. Die Glocke by Rafal Zlak
The Bermuda Shipwreck by Eric Murphy
The Bitterroot Chronicles by Debbie Castanha
The Bridge by Philip Rossetto
The Captive by Jane Bernard
The Chevalier by Joe Beatty
The China Horse by Barbara Schiffman
The Clever Girl by David Carren
The Company You Keep by Gina DeAngelis
The Crescent Affair by Mel Killingsworth
The Dance of Shiva by Mark Perlick
The Darkest Light by B. E. Marvis
The Devil’s Breath by Tom Hogan
The Empress by Svitlana Kochman
The Faceless by Adlinna Liang
The Finger of God by Jeff Malphurs
The Flid Show by Richard Willett
The Gardenia Pocket Watch by Jan Tilley
The Good Room by Tania Meneguzzi
The Gravedigger by Lyndal Simpson
The Guns At Cowra by Vir Srinivas
The H-Bomb by Damion Stephens
The Honeymoon by Erik Netland
The Hunchback of Notre Dame High School by John Woodard
The Iqbal Hotel by Geoff Moseley
The James King Version by Dave Schroeder
The Jockey by Mark Chambers
The Killing Tree by Christopher Glatis
The Last Checkout by Peter Besson
The Last Giants by Mika Collins
The Last Secret by Lynwood Shiva Sawyer
The Loneliest Road by Thayenne Behr
The Magician by Edward Gadrix
The Man by Carla Queipo
The Passage of Sun by Aaron Braxton
The Plantimals by Peter Sheardy
The Pond by Edwin Turner
The Procreators by Daniel Grove
The Prof by Nava Silton
The Purpose of Winter by Brad Jayne
The Queen of Dystopia by Tina Howe
The Queen of Magic by Roxanne Beck
The Railroad by Kevin McMechan
The Right Hand of God by Robert Vink
The Rule of Thirds by Andrea Turner
The Saint by Kenya Collins
The Shelter by Richard Kaylor and Jean-Louis Strangis
The Slashelorette by Anthony Zonfrelli
The Space Between Notes by Billy Nahn and David Fleer
The Spear Carrier by Alec Cuddeback
The Stand In by John Dorsey
The Telling by Nora Barry
The Trap by Nate Plotkin and Nick Ford
The Untold Tale of Morgan Berkeley by Simon Frederick
The Well by Julie Anne Wight
The Wild Harts by Kim Hornsby
The Witch And the Wolf by Benjamin Ryan
The Zenith by Nyle Cavazos Garcia
Thunderstorm by Maria Mathis
Touched By Madness by Nadine Vaughan
Toxic Tide by Kathleen Werner
Trenton Six by June Finfer
Trying by Stephen Chrabaszcz
Two Sides of My Heart by Elise Marenson
Unforgettable by Gary Parker
Van 59 by Brian Trotter
Veritas Academy by Connor Pruss and Nanar Khamo
Vilna by Matt Huston
Vilomah by Nathaniel Nauert
Virago by Kaitlyn Kowalski
Voices by Susan Klos
Waiting Games by Jeffrey Field
We See Dead People by Simone Gerber
Werewolf by Pablo Torroella
Where It Always Rains by Sophie Carleton
Wickenburg by Sherry Lamoreaux
Wild Datura by Bernadett Belinda York
Winsome Hollow by Duane Kellogg, Jr. and Bob Stromberg
Wolf And Fox Hunt by Glen Hosking
Wooden Gun by Flood Reed
Wow by Fiorella Ruas and Jonathan Pett
Written in Her Skin by Michelle Blau
Yuanfen by Lynn Mills and Briana London