2022 Winners

Emerging Screenwriters Sci-Fi & Fantasy Screenplay Competition


(Alphabetical Order by Title)

2052 by Aiko Hilkinger
2088 – A Farmer Takes a Wife by Russell Bennett
A Lady of the Round Table by Val Phillips
A Matter of Time by Billy Reid
A Place of Madness by Garison Piatt
Abracadabra by Mandana Wright
Adam and E.V.E by Malcolm Carter
Aeternitas by Hilary McIndoo
Alien Drug Wars: The Tunnel by Alexander Hall
Alien Winter by Ted Kuepper
Alienated by Brian Reynolds
Andies by Mehul Desai
Antisense: Climate Town by Rimi Chatterjee
Apotheosis 1X01 by Drew Suppa
Autopilot by David Luz
Banshee by Harvey Yazijian
Barriers by Daniel Woburn
Beasts by Mehul Desai
Beasty and the Beau by Steven Vivell
Beige Is Not Dead by Catherine Durickas
Belief in Dawn by Carlos Faro
Below the Earth by Sheriden Jackson
Below Zero by Neil Fergus
Bewitching Hitler: The Coven that Beat the Nazis and Saved the World! by Bob Pondillo
Bing the Brutal by James Burns
Black Point by Ted McKenna
Black Sky by Sean McConville
Blackout by Matt Wanicur
Blood Runners by Alexander Hall
Bloodline by Michael Winingham
Blotter by HF Crum
Blue Ice by jon gillette
Brace For Impact by Øyvind Aanderaa
Brainville by Mark Wasserman
Buddy Joe by Cameron Young
Can You See Me Now? by Beja Christmas
Capacity by Maria Glassner
Career Kids by Francisco Ramos
Chernobog’s Chosen by Miriam Lyapin
Children of Ceres by Daniel McNaught
Cloudkill by Brent Hartinger
Colonization by Wade Cox
Colony by Matt Taylor
Cosmic Justice by David Carren and Richard Gould
Cradle by Mehul Desai
Creators by Celina Dobson
Crescent Sun by LaDarrion Williams
Cryosleep by Anna Abrashina
Ctrl+Alt+Return by Travis J. Opgenorth
D O W N T E M P O by Suzanne Swanson
Dai Lo by Hymnson Chan
Daisy Chain by Francisco Castro
Dark Horizons by Kirk Kirkland
Darkness, Darkness by Dane McCauley
Dead Gatsby by Patricia Hickman
Dead Head Hunter by Jon Tamburini
Dead Run by Thomas Decareau
Dead Zone by Richard Wilkinson
Dead, White & Blue by Drew Dull
Dick and Leo Fight a Monster by William DeWitt
Draconis by Alexis Kirke
Dream Catcher by Tobey Alexander
Earth – Year 3000 by Farihan Rahman
Earthjacked by Marco Ruggio
Eddie’s Very Long Week by Chiara Tonini
Elements by Dustin Drye
Ellipsis by Mike Faller
Enchanter by Barry E Gaines
Enforcer by Colette Jeffs
Error 0179 by Gianis Totonidis and Eroditi Papapostolou
Escape from EveryWorld by Paul Shiban
Escape to Romadovia by E Elizabeth Franklin
Fairytales by Mary Tamura
Fantastico by Bryan Bordon
Fear Not by Sheriden Jackson
Femme Fatale in Stiletto Heels by Pam Price
Field of Weeds by Kelly Jean Karam
Finite by Bears Rebecca Fonte
Fliers by Michael Finn
Friend Zone by Omar Willis
Future Tripping by Brian White
G.O.D. OS by David Christopher Loya
Gawain by Peter Feuchtwanger
Girl Anachronism by Pepper Reed
Giza: The Rise of Athor by Brian Streaty
Glow by Faisal Qureshi
Greydale by David Pekarek Krohn
Happy Birthday! by Nathan Cowan
Head Games by David Page
Hellfire Knight by darrin reed
Hot Blooded by Nicola Pennicott-Hall
I Was a Teenage Werepossum by Mark Keigley
If These Walls Could Shut Up by Gina DeAngelis
Immaculate by Kristen Swinkels
Incendium by Austin Steele
Indigo by Lottie Finklaire
Insight by By Jeffrey Field and Michelle Davidson
Intergalactic Io by Seth Nesenholtz
It Feasts Upon a Midnight Clear by Adam Krause
Jacob Price: Superstar by Donald Hauka
James and Peter by Brian Jude
Jimmy & Jara from Outta Space by Anton Diether
Judaculla by Nathan Proczak
Just Friends by Isaac Smith
Kodoku by Paul Marano
Legacy by Steven Bolia
Leper Khan by Michael Graf
Letters from Heaven by Frederick Keeve
Light Walkers by Lisa Penner-Dang
Lincoln Boulevard, Monster Hunter by Paul Zeidman
Lizard Uncle by Mark DiStefano and John DiStefano
Londonauts by Paul Glen Neuman
Looking Glass by William Zide
Love from Mars by Julie Pifher
Lunamancer by Mark Jones
Lunar Jetman by Campbell Christie
Maiden by Jake White
Make Believe by Brit Cowan
Martin Mapes and the Misfits of Otherworld by Daniel Pike
Matthew the Angry Elf by David Gray
Menpo by Gunny Troelstrup
Mindjack by James Hickey
Mind’s I by William Zide
Mindstrike by Tina Howe
Mon-Star Academy by Austin Steele
Monstrosity by Denise A. Agnew and Marie Jones
Motel Weird by Mark Weatherbe
Mystix by Celina Dobson
Nick by EP Schleider
Nick Normal (And The Academy Of Monsters) by Jan Schwaid
Nightbreak by Mark Gunnion and Mark Gunnion
Norman Brody and the Magic Psychology Practice by Steven Vivell
Omedus by Sharon Hayes
One More Me by Jade Shine
One, Second Summer by Bob Pondillo
Oracle by Holly Holstein
Orphan Brotherhood by Celina Dobson
Out of Time by Joe Villanti
Out-Patient by Felicia Ansty
Pandora’s Other Box by Stephen Maynard
Party Time by Adam Libarkin
Payload by Trey Stokes
PC Police by Tapan Sharma
Penelope Pan by Katharine Lowrie
Planet Pretty Kill by David Meister
Planetary School of Universe by Ana Antlitz
Plenum by Barry Staff
Point of Valor by Walter Jeffreyes Jr
Pyramid by Alexandra Price
Quantum by Michael Arnold
Quantum Entanglement by Kyle Kramer
Quantum Love by Steve Savitz
Realms Unclaimed by Cara Burak
Relative Distance by Ellie Hayden
Restoration by Aloura Charles
Resurrectress by Hayley Sigmon
Ruth by Gerald McGowan
Sable August by Benjamin Stranger
Sara by Tamara Perkins
Saving Santiago by Jonathan Vermeer
Sci-Fi Christmas Feature Show by Kai Cofer
Sentient by Randall Fontana
She Monster by James F. Robinson
Silver Shoes by Paul Miles Schneider
Silverlight by Victor Spiegel
Six Nights to Destiny by Christian Reda
Slim Chance by Erick Buckley
Snapdragon by Joseph Walters
Sol by Alex Bright
Some Sweet Day by Cindy Marcus
Sorry I Killed Your Father by Josh Covitt
Space Accountants by Mark DiStefano and John DiStefano
Spaceless by Caitlin Reed
Splashdown by Don Stroud
Star Trek Revelation by Ted McKenna
Starlight by Hunter Cline
Starseeds by Ginger Kearns
Strings by Annamarie Davidson
Sun Woman, Moon Man by Lyndal Simpson
Supacabra by David Willis
Surface by Frank Kelly
Symbiont by Lynwood Shiva Sawyer
The Accompanist Awakening by Frederick Keeve
The American Experiment by Sean Sullivan
The Cambion by Brett Western
The Celestial Highway by Kevin J. Howard
The Channel by Marni Troop
The Company You Keep by Gina DeAngelis
The Coyote Codex by Donald Hauka
The Dark Side of Night by Arnold Greenspan
The Darkling Game by William Brown
The Devil’s Hand by Garon Cockrell
The Ghost Guard by Christina Manolescu
The Gospel of Jess & Luc by Daniel Contreras
The Hampdenshire Wonder by George Johnson
The Incredible Kimchi Dokkaebi by Jennifer Kim
The Involuntary Man by Linda Marr
The Jump by John Killoran
The Lady and the Tiger by Sam Caton
The Last Don by Anthony Moore
The Last Good Soraya by TJ Berry
The Last Moonwalker by Mark Whittington
The Last Prison by Richard Geiwitz
The Last Siren by Peter Feuchtwanger
The Lost Gem by Richard Wilkinson
The Messiah Complex by David Baugnon
The Morrisfield Misfits and the Sword of Fate by John Munn
The Myridex Conspiracy by Joe Augustyn
The New Adventures of Chod & Billy by Jared Moe
The Nocturnal by Natalie Ganey
The Ones Who Run by Jordan-Paige Sudduth
The Other Side Of Time by B. Isabella Bodnar
The Pawnbroker by J.A. Brown
The Promise by Frank Mancuso
The Puzzle Box by Joe Bitonti
The Seedling by Stéphanie Joalland
The Shadow in the Water by Garrett Ratcliff
The Solomon Power by Steffany Lohn Sommers
The Space Writer by Dan Alex
The Starman by Braeden Ayub
The Story Shall Stay by Renee Meland
The Suckers Waltz by Dominick Parris
The Sword, the Stone and the Girl by Brandon Finch
The Tower at the Edge of Time by Mike Reynolds
The Wild Unknown by Sam Robotham
The Writing on the Wall by Bill Freas
Those Beneath by Debi Yazbeck
T-Minus by Travis Cox
Toad’s Humanity by WL Wright
Tone Deaf by Bob Stromberg and Duane Kellogg, Jr.
Too Many Mornings by Carolyn Miller
Transferral by Lynn Nanna
Transhuman by Daniel Grove
Tree House by Chris Ossman
Triage by Tim Auld
True Colours by Mark Renshaw
Turnpike Jackknife by B. C. Bell
Unearthly by Lonnie Nichols
Unhoused: A Love Story by Kevin Schwartz
Unsatisfied by Evan Greenberg
Up There by Eljohn Macaranas
Vex by Joe Plonsky
Voyager by Kevin J. Howard
Wake Up by Timothy Porter
Welcome to Highville by David White
Well of Souls by Kris Lippert
Whitetail by Vincent Sweeney
Wicked Goode by Jennifer Carson and Wendy Brotherlin
Worlds by Ben Adler
Yokai by Mary Tamura