2017 Winners


by Chad Callaghan

Grand Prize Winner


by Peter Jang

Grand Prize Winner

by Ryan P Shrime

3rd Place

by Minoti Vaishnav

4th Place

by Chris Courtney Martin

5th Place

by Sean Collins-Smith

6th Place

Honorable Mention

Below you will see the HONORABLE MENTIONS listed in alphabetical order by TITLE

Evolution by Cara Winter
Free as the Wind by Susan Zimmerman
Halcyon Falls by Jeff Bower
Moonchild by Aaron Daniel Jacob
Off the Hook by John Arvai
Revenants by David Sullivan
The Bang by Brian Golden

TOP 100

Below you will see the TOP 100 listed in alphabetical order by TITLE

317: “Awakenings” by Hank Isaac
Age Of Jackson: “Will O’ Wisp Treason” by Ryan J. Vallo
All The Tiny Dancers by Ryan Vaughn
American Folklore: A Midwife’s Tale by Erik Miguel Gervais
Anna’s Story by Susan Zimmerman
Baked by Nancy Duff
Barely Legal by Michael Alfaro Migoya
Bella & The Bear by Nicholas Clifford
Benson by Clara Altimas
Bondage by Lisa Gold
By The Hands Of Wally Vine by David Warnock
Carol by Susan Polk
Catalyst by Minoti Vaishnav
Choke Job by David Johnson
Cloning Christ by John Spare
Default by Hannah Dillon
Elephant’s Memory by Jason Perlman
End Of Life by Sean Collins-Smith
Evolution by Cara Winter
Fear by Peter Jang
Free As The Wind by Susan Zimmerman
Genda Benda by Paul Mahoney
Halcyon Falls by Jeff Bower
Henchman by Amechi Ngwe and Nnamdi Ngwe
Hesperium by Martin Garner
Hooked by Jim Baugh
Hot Flash High by Molly Driscoll
House Of Dreams by Helen Darvall
Inked In Blood by Paul Corricelli
Jook by Mugs Cahill
Julia’s Drive by Christopher Henry
Kejido by Daniel McCabe
Ladies by Natalie Nicole Dressel
Law Of The River by Meagan Daine
Lost Cause by David Schroeder
Moonchild by Aaron Daniel Jacob
Mythfits by Eric Wehr
Nightingale by A. J. Bermudez
Nine by Carlos Miranda
No Return by Selene Raffel
Off The Hook by John Arvai
On The Rocks by Beanie Barnes
One White Crow by Pippa Hinchley
Orchidelirium by David Sullivan
Pale County Limits by Jeremy Pion-Berlin & Adam Linkenhelt
Pale Horse by Chris Martin
Phil. by Marissa Lessman
Please Don’t Die, Roger Berman by Ryan Shrime
Production Choice by CJ Hoke
Rayvon’s N.E.S.T. by Nathan Mudaliar
Redshift by Charles Callaghan
Regarding Jaws by Bradford N. Smith
Revenants by David Sullivan
Running a Thousand Miles by Jennifer Grand
Safe by Sedona Feretto
Salt of the Earth by Daniel McCabe
Scents by Timothy Kissell
Schmuck by Sean Skelton
Second Childhood by Clifton Koons II
Serial Numbers by Eric Wehr
Shadow Vista by Mark Steensland
Shitty Hall by Brian Golden
Spoon Fed by Scott LaFortune
Struck by Elaine Chekich
Studio City by Ryan Vaughn
Tea Boy Sue by Kendal Whitlock
The (Beautiful) Game by Chloe Weinberg
The Bang by Brian Golden
The Brothers Winkelstein and the Homburg Hat by Guy Polin
The Bullshit Boys by Toni and Nickolas Shepherd
The Coach by Max Rissman
The Colonist by Brandon Maynard
The Experiment by Lynda Lemberg & Jeffrey Allen Russel
Tanked by Nick Roth
The Hitch by Troy Miller
The Honour Diary by Amir Mohabbat
The Last Line by Brandon Maynard
The Murphy Bed by Martin Gomez
The Potato King by Electric Hilton

The Preserve

by Daniel Hogan
The Salt of Her Skin by Michael Easton
The Second City by Carolyn Kras
The Skins Game by Justin Neal
The Golden Age by Jon Davis
The Snowman by Nick Cammilleri
The Wayfarers by Solomon Chao
Timecops by Sam Clark
Token Kyle by Melissa Emery
Trench Dogs by Robert Holt
Troubador by Todd Zing
U-666 by Jackie Perez
Uncanceled by Max Rissman
Vampire In Space by Carmen Angelica
Wartime Revelations by Carlo Bordone
Weekend Warriors by Daniel Hogan
Weimar by Ben Maraniss
West Cosa Nostra by Jenna Verchota
West Of The Blue Line by Kirston Fortune
With Friends Like These by Jason Ryan
Yonge Street Strip by Lisa Gold
Zeus: “Gaia’s Shadow” by Lizanne Southgate