No Overnight Parking by Megan Swertlow

2nd Place
Unsung Lyric by Frank Hernandez III

3rd Place
Glitches by Kelly Beck-Byrnes

4th Place
Boundary Waters by Joann Buckley Collins

5th Place
Lenore by Goldie Jones

6th Place
Our American by Rebecca Mlinek

7th Place
Aunty Scrooge by Susan Arscott

8th Place
The Sensitivity Program by Skot Christopherson and John Harden

9th Place
Consent by Jamie Mayer

10th Place
Ace of Spades by Lyndon McGill

TOP 100

Below you will see the TOP 100 listed in alphabetical order by TITLE

#CrimeCast by Robin Fusco
; ) by Steven Matty
16 Bars & Waiting by Frederick Burger
2nd Rate Fairy by Tony Ferrendelli
6 Feet Above by Summer Moore
Ace of Spades by Lyndon McGill
Adulthood by Thomas Thonson
Aunty Scrooge by Susan Arscott
Belle by Melissa Birks
Black Bags by Adam Pachter
Black Goose by Janet Hetherington
Blood on Black Leather by Thomas Banuelos
Blue Monday by William Zide
Boundary Waters by Joann Buckley Collins
Bridal Bash by Jeff Dixon
Brother’s Keeper by Jacqueline Wright
Chicks with Sticks by Marie Roughan
Cleaning House 2018 by Mark Grisar
Consent by Jamie Mayer
Crawlspace by Jacob Wehrman
Cur by C.J. Williamson
Dazzleland by Amy Amani
De Moray by Rory Lawie
Defect by Jax Smith
Deliver Us by Olivia Baptista and Christina Paterno
Don’t Tell A Soul by Dan Stone
Easter Rising by Dusty Noval
Edison’s Ghostbox by Travis Seppala
Everything and Nothing by Denise Meyers
Fats by Mitchel Resnick
Fogtown by Ari Gold
Glitches by Kelly Beck-Byrnes
Harvester of Eyes by Paul Hart-Wilden
Higher by Samantha Brennan
Home of the Free by Tracy Lawson
In The Blood by Mike Doyle
Jacqueline/Hyde by Matthew Bryan
Jerry by Mark Hooker
Just Perspective by Joseph Tamborello
Lenore by Goldie Jones
Liviana Pilot: Leaving by Brenda Cervantes
Looking Glass by William Zide
Middle School by T.M. Felderstein
Mingo Road by Paul Cooper
Misconception by Jill Remensnyder
Mission College by Jasmine Leyva
Moments by Erin Dooley
Muddy Fork by Stacey Bean
Night Clan “Identity” by Felicia Ansty
No Overnight Parking by Megan Swertlow
Nova: First Flight by Rachel Fischer
Our American by Rebecca Mlinek
Our Better Angels by Steven Michael
Painter in the Storm by George Johnson and Cameron Grant
Paladin by Morgan Summerfield
Paperweight by Katie Scrivner
Parts by Craig Page
Persona by Jeffrey Howe
Product 125 by Jim Falletta
Quantum Love (or How Nick and Valerie Destroyed the World) by Steve Savitz
Redemption by David J McDonald
Regulator by Paul Locander
Rewind by Paul Locander
Rube by Daniel O’Brien
Seeking Sunshine by Ian Klein
Shitty Fucking Advice by Elissa Aron
Solana by Georgia Taylor
Song of the Shadows by Les Zig
Sorry About Your Dad by Liam Fitzgerald
Space Crusaders Pilot: Rise of the Watchers by Paul Skinner
Spitfire by Evan Balkan
Swipe by Alex Arabian
Talon by Deborah Syna
Team Jackie by Patrick McGrath
The Brain Injuries by Terence Brody
The Caddy by Carroll Brown
The Diary by Cristian Lacatus
The Floating World by Michael Rhodes
The Heights by Chris Billett
The Kettlewatcher by Elaine Purnell
The Last Supper by Monis Rose
The Lazarus Curse by Barbara Ashley
The Life of Life by Gregory Houghton
The Mender by R.B. Ripley
The Napoleon of Crime by Mel Evans
The Only Thing That Matters by Weeda Anderson
The School by Adam Rocke
The Sensitivity Program by Skot Christopherson and John Harden
The Suburban Kaleidoscope by Samuel Peirce
The Trapper’s Wife by April Miller
The VR (The Virtual Reality) by Terence Brody
This Close by Marc Messenger
Treed by Staci Greason
Union 415 by Tony Savage
Unsung Lyric by Frank Hernandez III
Vampire United by Sean McConville
Watts by Morris Jackson
We Are Other People by Giordan Zemach-Emilio
Yes, Mistress by Gabriel Marinho
You’ve Got Scam by Brian Brockway