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Shoot Your Sizzle Announcements:

Semi-Finalists (Top 100): Jan 22nd
Grand Prize & Top 10: Feb 25th

Nightingale by Amanda Bermudez (2018 Winner)

Finding Distance by Jodi Levitan (2017 Winner)

Why Shoot a Sizzle or Proof of Concept?

Shoot Your Sizzle

The Shoot Your Sizzle Experience

As the Grand Prize Winner, you’ll receive Over $45,000 in Cash, Production and Post-Production Services, Professional Consulting and more to produce your sizzle, scene or short. Our mentors will support you along the way and secure a director if needed. When completed, you will have an excellent calling card that the ISA Development team will champion alongside your script to companies like MGM, ICM, Eclectic Pictures, Bohemia Group Originals and more.

Deadlines and Fees

Early Deadline: Sept 11th – $35
Regular Deadline: Oct 9th – $45
Final Deadline: Dec 10th- $65
Ext. Final Deadline: Dec 18th- $7 


Semi-Finalists (Top 100): Jan 22nd
Grand Prize & Top 10: Feb 25th

“Winning the Sizzle Reel contest has been a real game changer for me. I can’t thank Emerging Screenwriters enough for the gigantic leap forward this contest has afforded me. Unlike other contests, where a win brings the hope of producers reading your script, this one gives the winner a concrete tool to sell and promote their story. It’s been an eye opening experience and a real delight to work with such a great and supportive team!”

– Jodi Levitan (Grand Prize Winner 2017)



Production and Post Production Services
$34,000 Value

Your sizzle or short will be completed with use of a Canon camera and lens package, complimentary post-production consultation for the director/DP/writer with Canon and use of the Canon Burbank space for editing, color correcting, sound mixing and more, plus editing by Real Reels, coloring by Color Space Finishing, and music licensing by Universal Production Music.


Mentoring from Production Consultants
$7,500+ value

Are you a first-time filmmaker? No problem, our production consultants meet with you multiple times in person or via Skype, check in with you periodically, and support you through the hiring process and in creating an eye-catching reel from start to finish. You will have access to four consulting production managers, a development consultant, a consulting line producer and a consulting editor to answer all of your questions, and help you find a director if needed. Plus, you’ll receive a casting consultation from Casting Calls America and referrals to Emerging Cinematographer Award Winners local to you. 

Shoot Your Sizzle

$5,000 in Cash

We’re funding your sizzle reel project with up to $5000 to help make it happen! You can use the money for insurance, talent, crew, equipment and more…


ISA Development Slate Invitation

With your brand new sizzle reel, the ISA Development Team will work with you to submit your projects to ISA vetted industry contacts, including agents, managers, and producers like Eclectic Pictures, ICM, and Bohemia Group Originals all in an attempt to take you to the next level. This specialized program was created to develop and support emerging screenwriters who have yet to secure an agent or manager, while helping writers better navigate this highly competitive business to find a path to break through.


Screening and Exposure

HollyShorts Film Festival will screen the completed sizzle at their Monthly Film Screening Series.


Insurance and Equipment Rental
$6500 Value

We Make Movies will provide production insurance plus a Gold Member discount on WMM’s equipment rental packages for the winning project’s shoot.

Jungle Software

Software and Support

TOP 10


StoryO 3 Story Outline Software

StoryO takes story organization to a whole other level! With StoryO, writers can enter ideas onto electronic index cards, rearrange and attach them to multiple sequences and timelines, then develop plot points, multiple story lines and characters along the way.


6 Months of Scriptation Pro

Scriptation is the industry-leading script reading and annotation app, which automatically transfers users’ notes into new script revisions. Trusted by shows such as The Walking Dead, Westworld, and Stranger Things, Scriptation offers a full set of annotation tools, which make the production process easier and more efficient.


3 Month Membership to Indie Film Hustle

Teaching you how to hack your indie filmmaking with stuff they don’t teach you in film school. Showing you on how to get your Indie Film Hustle on!

TOP 100


ISA Development Slate Consideration


12 Month ISAConnect Membership

First Time Filmmaker?

Our Consulting Producers will guide you through the process.


Felicity Wren – Consulting Producer:

Felicity Wren is the Development Director at the ISA. Originally from London, she studied all areas of performance: writing, directing, acting technique, and script analysis for her Honors Degree, then finished her education with a Masters in Drama from Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts. She formed her own Production Company: Unrestricted View in 1999, concentrating on theatre, new writing and comedy at their performance venue – The Hen & Chickens Theatre in London. Since moving to Los Angeles in 2011, she has continued acting, writing and producing, winning three performance awards in 2016, and producing nine film projects to date. She now devotes a lot of her time to the co-creation and management of the ISA Development Slate, working directly with the Slate Writers, and ISA Contest Winners, ensuring their projects get in front of eminent producers, managers and agents in Hollywood.


Craig James – Consulting Producer:

Craig James is a writer, director and producer whose film projects have won numerous awards. Karma Cafe and Contract Killers placed in multiple film festivals and helped him land a manager in Los Angeles. His pilot Wrigleyville, which he created and co-wrote was hip-pocketed by a major agency in LA after placing at ITVFest. Unfortunately, the writers’ strike of 2007 interfered leaving him without a production deal but fortuitously pushed him to found the International Screenwriters’ Association. The ISA provides both enthusiast and professional writers the opportunity to advance their careers and improve their craft. Craig is passionate to see the ISA and its members propel their careers by opening doors with new and exciting opportunities brought on by the ISA’s incredibly devoted team.


Jerren Lauder – Development Consultant:

Jerren is the Development and Contest Manager for the ISA, as well as a produced writer-director. He went to film school thinking he would be Terrence Malick. Years later, after several NON award-winning short films, he can confidently say about that period of time: ‘Whoops.’ Since then, he’s found his voice writing on a PBS kids show, writing and directing a series for Fox Digital and selling a horror script he will be directing along with ISA 2019 Top 25 Screenwriter Jason Goldberg.

He’s honored to be working with the ISA, where he has found “his people,” as they say. He loves writers and finding great, undiscovered scripts through his work in development and overseeing the contests. It’s a perfect fit, and he’s dedicated to giving a platform to undersung voices.


Molly Kasch – Consulting Producer:

Molly is an award-winning producer who has worked in television and film for over a decade. Molly’s most recent project, Defining Beauty: Ms. Wheelchair America, a feature documentary narrated by Katey Sagal, premiered at the Newport Film Festival where it won the Audience Award. It continued on a successful festival run and is used in education programs. Molly also produced a short film from the AFI Directing Workshop for Women, The Death of Toys starring Disney channel’s Kim Rhodes, which premiered at the Anchorage Film Festival. Molly’s award-winning shorts The Burger and The Right Turn now have international distribution. Molly’s passion for independent film and dedication to examining pertinent issues through media makes her a part of a generation of trail blazers making a difference.


Scott Markus – Line Producer:

Scott Markus has worked in film/TV/video since he started up his own production company at age 16.  He has gone on to work in production in various aspects on some of the largest productions, from Lost and Prison Break to Forgetting Sarah Marshall and The Dark Knight.  He currently works as a camera operator and film editor in Los Angeles while also working at the International Screenwriters’ Association.


Shayna Weber – Consulting Producer:

Shayna Weber is a screenwriter and producer who came on board ISA after starting a family and making the transition out of reality television and into film, recently producing Lunch Ladies, an award-winning short film and directing her first short film, VIF. Previously, Shayna worked as a producer of reality programming for network, cable and online channels for the hit shows, So You Think You Can Dance, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Weakest Link and VH1’s Bands Reunited, among others. She is part of TwinBridges Screenwriting Salon.

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